Learning every day, read the comments.

Earlier I wrote about comments on the blog.

I receive an email with your comment and now I have found out I can make them visible on the blog.

To left of the post is the date and under it is a link: “Leave a comment”, “1 Comment”, “2 Comments” and so on.

By clicking on it you can read the comments if any and post your own if you wish.

Comments on the blog

I received several very nice comments from ya’ll. They are not published on the blog, but be sure I read them.
If you have suggestions on content or information, it is a great way to use the comment link on the blog. Click on “Leave a comment” beside each post and a comment field will pop-up. I will then receive an email with your submission.

Hams and Eggs

Every first Saturday in the month we meet for “Hams and Eggs” at Hardee’s on 182 East at 08:00 AM. The purpose is to make it possible for ham friends who cannot join “Hams Eating Chicken” on Thursdays to come together with the rest of us.

Today we were four people.

Great discussions about renewable power, specifically solar power today.

Did you know that in Mississippi, we have on average 5 hours of full sun per day, which is not bad at all.

It could be worthwhile to learn and experiment with solar power, because the electrical grid probably is more vulnerable now than before.

Solar panels, charge controllers, batteries, wires and inverters can be connected in many different ways, so there is a learning curve. As Hams we have an advantage since many of the fundamentals are required in passing the license exams.

We had a great time and two hours passed quickly and the antenna build at the club house had to be postponed.

PS. Warning do not sit down at the wrong table!

Reminders from the LoCoARC club meeting yesterday.

This Saturday 10-8-2016, “Hams and Eggs” 08:00 AM at Hardee’s on 182.

Net Call every Tuesday 07:30 PM, 147.000 MHz with tone 136.5.

Our next “Radio in the Park” 10-20-2016, pavilion at Lake Lowndes State Park (weather permitting).

The VE testing session coming up on 12-10-2016, 09:00 AM at the club house.

Christmas Party on 12-1-2016, 07:00 PM at Ryan’s

Chicken Time!


Great group today at Ryan’s with Sharon and Christina visiting, which means there was a lot of laughing and witty wicked fast associations. Yes the pipe is still above ground!

If you are feeling down and tired let Sharon and Christina lighten you up, it works on me.

Jason has invested in a Gordon West publication.

Early coming pays off again….three drumsticks!

Virgil is camping in the park and John visited yesterday and had my coffee.


This was Virgil’s dinner yesterday.


And tonight is the LoCoARC club meeting at 7:00PM. Hopefully we will see SLM there.

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