New VHF repeater antenna at the Club House.

The KC5NMB repeater now has an antenna atop our club tower about 105 feet high.  HUGE thanks to Chris and Austin for all their work.  They also have raised and mounted the tri-band beam on the rotor.  The beam still needs its feedline and to be calibrated before it is ready for use.  John also helped with the tower work.

The repeater has good local coverage and is ready and waiting for everyone to use.

It uses the old Aberdeen repeater frequencies:  147.270 MHz with + offset, no tone.


Post by Tom. Many thanks!

Congratulations to your 11th year anniversary!

After retirement I was looking for a hobby. and HamNation gave me inspiration to try ham radio.

Technician and General license exams were passed in March 2012. Had never seen a ham radio, I was shocked by all knobs and buttons on the transceivers I saw in the QST ads, so I got a transceiver with only one button….Flex 3000. But I had no Elmer and a few weeks later I was booked on a transitional cruise to Europe to be there for the summer. At that time these one way cruise was less costly than flying.

Still no Elmer, but I found my friends from Jackson and Apersonalheaderustralia…George, Tommy, Jim and Peter. They became my on-line Elmers, I downloaded all episodes, at that time were somewhat less than 50 episodes I think.

During the 16 days on the cruise ship I saw all episodes, some of them twice. I do not think they understand how important this was for my ham radio development. Had a lot of fun that summer with the Flex 3000 and home made dipoles.

Please accept my warmest congratulations to AmateurLogic!


Thanks! Thanks! Thanks for your dedicated effort to promote and support the amateur radio community for 11 years and counting!






Magnolia Amateur Radio Club in Starkville.

Thursday evening John and I visited Magnolia ARC monthly meeting. We had a great visit and it was fun to meet my old club friends again.

Andrew presented how the ARRL National Traffic System works and even had us practice on a real recorded message transmission from the Mississippi Section Phone Net.

radiogramThis is the Radiogram form:

The National Traffic System (NTS) is a structure that allows for rapid movement of traffic from origin to destination and training amateur operators to handle written traffic and participate in directed nets. NTS operates daily, even continuously with advanced digital links.

NTS may be the only way to communicate “When All Else Fails…”

We should consider to learn more about NTS and practice on sending and receiving messages.


Di-di-di-dit di-dit

Justtelegraph-3 like other new language, when learning Morse Code, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. That’s what Morse Code is; a new language. For those HAMs that learn more by listening only, check out .

It takes you slowly through learning the alphabet and practicing all along the way building words from the letters as you learn them and increasing in speed during your training. ham-radio-cropped

For those who need a little more visual help, check out the program “Code Quick” @ It uses pictures and word associations for each letter. Yes, I still need pictures. lol.


Post by Sharon, many thanks!

Chicken Time Again!

Somewhat reduced troops today.


Virgil and Steve were there but are missing from the picture.

Despite somewhat less participation we managed to talk about:

Raspberry Pi micro computer, Well drilling, depth and pumping of such, Flooded lead-acid batteries and Amp-hours associated with them, Heart rhythm problem and demonstration of a pocket ECG, 60 m amateur radio band, Drones or quadcopter flying, Newsletter for the club, WiFi long distance, Meridian club, Radio in the Park Oct 20th, Soule steam festival in Meridian, Papa Jack’s trading day Oct 22nd in Tupelo. Magnolia ARC meeting tonight in Starkville. All of this in less than 2 hours!

Also if you are nice the waitress may bring you fresh drumsticks directly from the fryer.


In the afternoon some of us built VHF ground plane antennas at the club house.


Do you have an blown fuse?

img_0297How many times have you needed to check a fuse or continuity in a cable, only to have your meter tied up monitoring something else. This project has a 9 volt battery, test button and will allow you to get a quick LED and audible check to see if the item you are checking is open or closed. This morning I took it to my truck to check the fuse in my cigarette lighter and found it was blown.

Submitted by Virgil, many thanks!

Tonight………Net Call!

The Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club QSO Net starts at 07:30 PM on 147.000 MHz, + shift and tone 136.5.

Everybody with a ham license is welcome to call in. It is also possible to participate via EchoLink (internet) on a computer or smartphone. The call sign is KC5ULN-R

The purpose of the net is club business, amateur radio news and public service. By participating in the net we make sure our equipment and organization works and if needed we can assist with emergency communication when everything else is down. Also we can help with communication as a public service at biking and running events.

More info at