Salute to the Veterans!


As I look around the Legion and Veteran halls and see the men and women who served their country in times of war and peace, I am filled with pride to be among them. When our country called, they answered with bravery and honor.

To all my fellow veterans, thank you for doing what had to be done. We are part of a small group who answered because we realize that there are times it simply needs to be done for the good of the nation.

We must remember the sacrifices made by those who stand up and serve to protect our way of life. The everyday freedoms we take for granted still could be taken away in an instant.

To all of our military service men and women, whether active, retired, deployed or at home, you have my utmost respect, admiration and appreciation. Thanking you, and your families, for your sacrifice.

I salute you for your dedication, bravery, and sacrifice. Happy Veterans’ Day!

Ken Campbell


Thank You to Ken and my veteran friends at “Hams Eating Chicken” for your service to our country!


“Hams Eating Chicken” today…new record!

Today a bus load of hungry people came before me….all chicken gone!

But the fantastic cooks at Ryan’s fried some excellent chicken drumsticks in a short while, among the best I have ever tasted….great job! And the broccoli for the health of the body was great as well.





Forgot to post the picture of the “Hams and Eggs” breakfast crowd at Hardee’s last Saturday. For newcomers, every first Saturday in a month we have “Hams and Eggs” 7:00 am at Hardee’s at Hwy 182 in Columbus. You are welcome to join us.



Today we had a record crowd at “Hams Eating Chicken” and Tom, forever young, got a little golden late birthday gift! We had a great time and was thoroughly entertained by the roasting ladies! I am still trying to recover from the well pointed jokes targeting me.



Here is Ms. Sue and she makes our lunches so enjoyable, maybe she will become a Ham in the future or maybe a honorable Ham! Thanks Sue from all of us!