Secret private email server at

220px-clorox_product_logo-svg can neither confirm or deny the existence of a private email server! Lately rumors about said server has circulated in some groups and they might be false.

Readers of this blog should rest assured, in case this rumored unauthorized server exists, then all personal email have been deleted and the server’s hard drive has been bleached utilizing the less expensive method with Clorox.

This drastic action will prevent the case to be reopened!

Hams Eating Chicken………Price increase!

As usual a great group of hams met at Ryan’s in Columbus. We were all taken by surprise, because of a new management and a price increase.

But the chicken legs were bigger and tastier, hopefully that’s the new trend.


We discussed among many thinks, the shocking of a heart to find it’s natural rhythm, Christmas party invitations to all hams in Lowndes County and more. Walt and I divided up the loot from Papa Jack’s raffle.


Some of the not so hungry hams.

We’ll meet again next Thursday, come and join us if you can!

Silent Key.

kj5siIt is with sadness I report that KJ5SI Donald “Don” E. Bishop Of Columbus, MS aged 84 became a silent key 10/27/2016 here in Columbus. Don was a former longtime member of the Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club (LoCoARC). He had experienced health problems over the past few years, but never lost his love for the hobby. Don planned to operate from his room in a local nursing home where he had become a resident in the recent past.

 Don will be missed by his family as well as his ham friends.

 Arrangements are incomplete at this time.

John Buckley


Pictures from the antenna installation on the club tower

Our club LoCoARC is very fortunate having access to a club house, with a meeting room, a radio room and a tech lab. It has been a dream to acquire the adjacent 100 ft tower and last year or so we were able to purchase it.

It has been in long planning to install a HF yagi beam antenna and a rotator on the tower. Lately a 2 m VHF repeater antenna was added to the plans. Saturday Oct 15 it was finally time to install the antennas on top of the tower.

img_2489 img_2494

Austin’s and Chris’ final inspection of the beam on the ground. Safety first, our brave and professional climber fully equipped with necessary safety gear before the climb.


On the way to the top!


Attaching the beam to the mast.


The 2 m repeater antenna on top.


Almost done! VHF antenna and repeater 147.270 +, no tone is operational. Initial reports indicates very good coverage of the Lowndes County area. The rotator needs to be added at a later climb before the beam is fully operational.

Kudos to the members who have been spearheading this milestone project. Ken and Austin initially came up with the project idea and successfully negotiated the purchase of the tower. Ken has donated the beam. Without Austin’s meticulous planning and preparation it would not been such a success. Many thanks to Chris climbing up and down the tower several times in a safe and professional manner. Tom Ford has provided the repeater, hardline and VHF antenna.

Non-member Hams and becoming Hams, you are welcome to join our club. As you can see in this blog we have many resources and activities going on in our club, including license testing and support (elmering).

If interested please leave a comment to any post on this blog and someone will contact you.

Pictures by John, Thanks!