Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club QSO Net Script

Good evening, this is the Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club Tuesday Night QSO Net.  My name is __________ and my callsign is ________.  This net is called every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM local time and is a service of the Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club.

Club business, Current Amateur news, and public service are the intent of the net.  Non-member stations are welcome to check in and are encouraged to join the club.  This is ______ and I will be the net control operator for this evening.(*)

This net will be declared informal after the roll call for the purpose of discussing matters pertaining to the Club in particular and Ham Radio in general.

Any Station having emergency or priority traffic for the net, please call net control at this time. (*)

Any station having bulletins or announcements for the net please call net control. (*)

I will now begin roll call.  When checking in please give your call sign followed by your name and location.

All stations whose call sign suffix begins with the letters Alpha through Foxtrot please call net control.

All stations Golf through Mike call net control.

All stations November through Sierra, call net control.

This is  callsign.

All Stations Tango through Zulu, Call net control at this time please.

If there are any visitors of late check-ins, please call net control.

This completes the formal portion of the net.  If there are any stations wishing to secure they may do so at this time.

I will now call stations in order of check-in for any comments that they might have for this evenings net.

I would like to thank all stations for checking in this evening and for making this net possible.

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