Solder Skills – Kit Build

From our good friend John, K5DDT:

This past Saturday we had a training session at the clubhouse for the correct way to put connectors on coax. I could go on a long time about the quality of the information shared with those attending by Mark Lacy w5txr.

Mark was asked about giving a class on soldering. It was first suggested that this happen this Saturday on Sept 14th. In talking to Mark we agreed that the prep time was too short. I asked him to send me a list of what we need to participate. He sent me a list of resources to purchase kits and recommended solder equipment if you should need to purchase any. May I suggest that if you have concerns or questions that you contact Mark by email at ““. If you don’t have the solder equipment or can’t get the recommended equipment or a kit, contact Mark and talk to him about it.

I’ve continued in the comments; All of the links Mark had in his email for reputable kits. Make sure to check it out.

W5YD August Radio winner – KI5CSY

The good folks over in Starkville gave away another radio for the month of August. The lucky lady was Stephanie, and her son Isaac N5IJC is pictured below picking up the goods.

Thanks to Steve, N5OMK, for hosting the radio and getting it programmed and ready to hit the air! Good deal for all involved, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to continue these giveaways. All you have to do is check in every Monday night to get your callsign thrown into the hat. Good luck!

Save 2M – a band under attack

Some of you may not have heard, but in France there are efforts underway to take 2M from radio amateurs to allocate for other uses. In this case, drone users were wanting this portion of the band for their uses.

The latest news from the meeting in Ankara has resulted in the 2M band being saved, for now at least. You can read more at


MagARC HAM and Eggs

We had an incredible attendance for breakfast yesterday. 19 people were there. I won’t begin naming them, because I guarantee I’ll forget. I will say that it was awesome to have such a great turnout with one of our new hams in attendance and another gentleman who will test next week at the Lowndes test session.

Everything you do is seen by someone and it leaves an impression with them. Our new hams and those considering becoming a ham around here have a great bunch of folks to learn from. I’m proud to be a part of this ham family in the Golden Triangle and I thank each of you for doing what you do to help it grow.

Here’s one picture taken from breakfast. I’ll add others if I find more.

AG5ND is behind the lens here.