Still using Windows XP?

If you are, you’re not alone. According to about 3.5% of all desktops and laptops out there are still running XP.

A new vulnerability may change that number soon, I hope. According to the article, I’ll link it below, Microsoft is pushing out a patch for this new problem and including XP devices. That makes this the first patch for XP in a couple of years.

The only details here say it’s related to Remote Desktop Services, but that’s about it. It does say that Windows 8 & up computers aren’t affected by the flaw, but no mention of how Windows 7 may be impacted.

If you dig around a little, and watch in restaurants you dine at, you’ll see Windows XP used all around you and, if these businesses aren’t prepared to apply the patch, it could be a mess.

I’ll step out there and say that I believe it will be a mess before long.

Check out the full article on Wired Windows XP flaw

73 y’all, K5RFL

Can we call this Extreme Ham Radio?? It’s cool! (would not catch me doing it, though)

Southgate ARC will have an extreme sort of radio event in about a week and a half.

Parachute Mobile Mission 35 set for May 25

Make a successful QSO with one of the airborne radio nuts and get a one of a kind QSL card to remember it. Details below.

73, K5RFL