FCC Issues Enforcement Advisory: Radio Users Reminded Not to Use Radios in Crimes

In the event that you weren’t aware; You shouldn’t use your amateur radio privileges to conduct illegal activity. If you do, you should frequently broadcast your callsign so that you can be reminded of this rule.


Thinking of getting your amateur radio license, or upgrading?? Read this

Ham Test Online, one of the more popular online amateur radio exam study sites, is offering great renewal discounts as well as good discounts for 1st timers.

Follow this link- HamTestOnline – to find out more details and sign up today.

Also note that, although new comments closed on Nov 16th, you can still reply to existing comments regarding the FCC $50 fee proposal through the end of today.

W5YD – Drill Field event and monthly meeting today, Wed Sep 30th, 2-4pm

Dear members and friends of the W5YD Amateur Radio Club,

This is just a reminder that we will be holding an event on the MSU Drill Field tomorrow from 2-4pm in celebration of the club centennial.

At the conclusion of the event we will hold our monthly club meeting, at which time we will ask that members pay their annual dues of $20 to the club treasurer, Dr Torsten Clay.

The club has reserved the spots and the tables, but what goes on those tables is largely left up to the initiative of you, the club members. Do you have something related to ham radio that you want to show off? Bring it! Think about what kind of things you would want to show someone passing by who seems interested in the hobby. You are welcome to bring and set up your own gear, or maybe there’s an item in the clubhouse that you want to carry over for the event (in which case, just let me know). Tell your friends locally or around the country who would be willing to attempt scheduled contacts with the W5YD club during this event. Spread the word and invite your friends. Looking forward to seeing you there!

73 de W2TM, Aaron, club president

MagARC Awards Program files

Here are the program details and the application for the Specialist Award.

Please refer to the awards program file to answer any questions. If you still have questions, or want to submit an application, please contact the MagARC Awards Administrator- Allen McBroom, AG5ND.

If you do not have contact info for Allen, please reach out on the W5YD repeater or feel free to email me at k5rfl@arrl.net.