W5YD meeting Friday, 24th

Dear club members and friends,
The next meeting of the W5YD club will be at noon on Friday Jan 24th. This is a week earlier than originally announced, in order to accommodate a schedule conflict. The location will be 120-B Morgan Avenue (door on the left).

Remember the open house on Saturday, Feb 1st at 9:30 am!
Members and non-members welcome. Hope to see you at both gatherings.

GTR Drone Safety Seminar

Jan 16th, GTR airport conducted its 3rd annual Drone Safety and Operations Seminar. This was well attended by local hams, drone operators, local industry, FAA, TSA, hobbyists, and the USAF. It was a very well done and attended.

If you are a drone (or RC aircraft) operator, make sure to put this on your list for the next offering.

From left: Wes “Dewy” Walsh ,CAFB :Madison Dixon, Raspet Flight Research Lab, MSU: Greg Stewart, General Manager, Aurora Flight Sciences: Tom Ford, KC5NMB: Mark Lacy, W5TXR: Sue Birkholz, KG5SEO: Mike Hainsey, A.A.E Executive Director, GTR Airport: John Buckley, K5DDT: Pat Birkholz: Rocky Kelly, KE5SEG: Albert McCray, Avoration Safety Inspector, FAA. Not pictured was Joey Jones, W5HNZ.

Morse Tutor kit build

On January 4, the Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club put on a Morse Code Tutor kit build. The build was lead by Mr. Walt, AF5KQ, and helping with assistance was KC5NMB and K5ALA.
The build was a success and a great time was had by all attending. There was a total of 10 builders that showed up.

Thanks to K5ALA for the following images from day.

Capitol City Hamfest Jan 24-25

It’s coming up soon, folks. The hamfest in Jackson will begin at 5 PM Jan 24th, clsoing at 8 PM that night, then running 8 AM- 3:30 PM on Jan 25th.

2 tables have been acquired to accommodate members from both the Lowndes County ARC and Magnolia ARC who have items for sale. Those table numbers are G13 and G14. We had a good time last year together, with about 7 or 8 club members being around most of the day on Saturday. Some items were sold, some items were bought, and some wives went out doing their own shopping during the day.

Come on down, bring your better half, meet some folks you may have never seen and chat with others you may not have seen in a while. It’s a fun event and we hope to see you there.

73, K5RFL