World Amateur Radio Day

The 95th April 18th from 0000 UTC to April 19th 0000 UTC.

“Amateur Radio experimenters were the first to discover that the short wave spectrum-far from being a wasteland-could support worldwide propogation. …Amateur Radio pioneers met in Paris in 1925 and created the IARU to support Amateur Radio worldwide”. –, April 3, 2020

During this event there will be stations using the special event call W7W. Denmark stations will be permitted to use the call signs 5P0WARD or 5P0WHD with suffix extension 00-99 (ie: 5P0WARD/55)

The Echolink World Conference will be using the W7W call during this time, so regardless of what equipment you have, you can take part and I encourage you to do so. (Echolink *DODROPIN* conference node will use W2W for a net during the event)

The theme for the event is “Celebrating Amateur Radio’s Contribution to Society.”

Post in the Magnolia ARC Facebook group during the event, as well as on your personal social media pages, using the hashtag #WorldAmateurRadioDay.

During this time of self quarantine where we’re not together as much as we’d like to be, this is a great opportunity to share your love for Amateur Radio with the world and, maybe, bring someone new into it.

Share what you’ve learned with your friends and family. Show them what this hobby, this service, has taught you and how that can be a service to your community. Tell everyone about the fun we have, what attracted you to Amateur Radio in the beginning, and what attracts you to it now.

Amateur Radio allows us, who are a part of it, to stay connected on a different level than what social media outlets offer and it connects to places, and people, around the world whom we’d probably never meet elsewhere.

Stay connected. Have fun. Share your fun with the world.

73, K5RFL

W5YD virtual club meeting @ club repeater Friday noon

Dear members of the W5YD club,
As you know, we cannot meet in person for our club meeting this month but given the nature of our hobby we do have our very own solution for a virtual meeting: our 2-meter club repeater! Please mark your calendars for tomorrow at noon and join us. I’m hoping that there can be a silver lining to the current situation and that we’ll hear from a number of our registered members who normally feel too busy to come to the club meetings in person. The “meeting” will be conducted similar to a net, so the format will be familiar.

If you are outside of the Starkville area but you are a licensed ham radio operator, you can still join us on EchoLink! If you need some help setting up echolink, shoot an email to and someone will get back to you with tips on what to do.

Our repeater and EchoLink information is here :
Looking forward to hearing you on the repeater tomorrow.
Aaron – W2TM, club president

MSU Campus Parking Permits

Reminder to anyone traveling to the MSU Campus in Starkville Friday to support W5YD’s 100-year celebration; There is no free parking on campus between 8-5 (regular business hours).

You can obtain a parking pass online, from MSU’s parking services . From what I remember, the first one is free and should be good for a week. You’ll have to go through a rather irritating series of pages to create an account on their system, so set aside a few minutes for that task.

ARRL Appointed Officers in our area

I’m a little behind with the post, but much appreciated to K5DDT for taking these pictures last week for us. There are currently 4 ARRL appointed officers between the 2 local clubs. Beginning at the top;

Allen, AG5ND, is Oktibbeha Co ARRL Emergency Coordinator

Steve, N5LOK, is Webster Co ARRL Emergency Coordinator

Caleb,K5RFL, is ARRL Public Information Officer for the GT Area

Mark, W5TXR, is Lowndes Co ARRL Emergency Coordinator and ARRL Technical Coordinator for MS.

We’ve got great activity and commitment from amateur radio operators in this area and that’s a big part of the reason that we’ve seen the growth in our clubs over the last couple of years. Thank you to everyone for supporting the activities, the nets, and the practices that help us become better equipped to serve our communities,

73, K5RFL

W5YD Centennial Celebration

The W5YD Amateur Radio club will host its centennial celebration on the Drill Field on February 14th from noon to 4pm. (Weather permitting).

The Mississippi State University Amateur Radio Club received its Federal license in 1920. This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the club’s licensing.

Amateur Radio is a community service that employs electronics theory and experimentation for public benefit and promoting international goodwill through radio communications. Ham Radio serves as a first line of emergency communication when other systems go down. The club caters to students who are interested in applying their electronics and communications knowledge to radio technology.

Come celebrate with us on the Drill Field, say hello, and learn something about the club and about the hobby.

W5YD meeting Friday, 24th

Dear club members and friends,
The next meeting of the W5YD club will be at noon on Friday Jan 24th. This is a week earlier than originally announced, in order to accommodate a schedule conflict. The location will be 120-B Morgan Avenue (door on the left).

Remember the open house on Saturday, Feb 1st at 9:30 am!
Members and non-members welcome. Hope to see you at both gatherings.