QRP End-Fed Dipole

After watching a few videos on YouTube, I’m interested in trying a QRP EFA for my uBitx.  I was initially looking toward a portable vertical, but i think I’ll like the results from the EFA better overall.

Although I’ve found one that I’d like to build as a homebrew project, I think I’m going to give the MFJ-1984LP first.  At $39.95+tax it’s not a bank breaker and it seems like a quality EFA for QRP use.  In order to support the near end, and my feedline, I’m going to put together 3 10′ sticks of PVC (1″, 3/4″, 1/2″) in a telescoping style using hitch pins to lock each section.  The holes for the pins will be about 1′ to 1-1/2′ below the top of each piece and up from the bottom of the smaller section.  My ballpark is to have this about 25′ in height once put together.

I’m still considering what to use as my permanent base for this pole, but regardless I intend to have something, at least temporary, on hand for this weekend.

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