Morse Tutor kit build

On January 4, the Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club put on a Morse Code Tutor kit build. The build was lead by Mr. Walt, AF5KQ, and helping with assistance was KC5NMB and K5ALA.
The build was a success and a great time was had by all attending. There was a total of 10 builders that showed up.

Thanks to K5ALA for the following images from day.

Capitol City Hamfest Jan 24-25

It’s coming up soon, folks. The hamfest in Jackson will begin at 5 PM Jan 24th, clsoing at 8 PM that night, then running 8 AM- 3:30 PM on Jan 25th.

2 tables have been acquired to accommodate members from both the Lowndes County ARC and Magnolia ARC who have items for sale. Those table numbers are G13 and G14. We had a good time last year together, with about 7 or 8 club members being around most of the day on Saturday. Some items were sold, some items were bought, and some wives went out doing their own shopping during the day.

Come on down, bring your better half, meet some folks you may have never seen and chat with others you may not have seen in a while. It’s a fun event and we hope to see you there.

73, K5RFL

Tower’s up at N5OMK shack

It was a busy weekend at the N5OMK residence. There were a lot of different hams that lent a hand in some way to bring this project to its finish. Steve is enjoying it and putting it to good use.

This is one more testament to the great ham radio community we have here. Thank each of you for everything you do to make ham radio great for our area. Check out the pictures below and let us know what you’ve got coming up.

73, K5RFL

It’s a busy week, here’s some reminders..

W5YD weekly eekly net at 8 PM tonight on 146.805, no tone. Be sure to check in, even if you need an early check-in, and be part of this record setting net tonight.

The Lowndes County ARC weekly QSO net begins at 7:30 tomorrow night on 147.000, 136.5 tone. This is a net that has seen good growth this year, due in part to the fantastic support from ham operators in the area. We’ve got one record setting net on Monday night, let’s build this one up to be a record setter as well.

If you can’t reach the repeater, relay in through someone. This isn’t a bad practice anyway. If you needed to pass traffic to Columbus and can’t key the repeater, you need to know who you can reach to get that traffic through.

Lowndes County ARC monthly meeting, Thursday night at 7 at the LoCoARC clubhouse on Lawrence Street in Columbus.

Saturday at 9 am there is a test session that will be held at MFJ by the Golden Triangle VE Team. If you’re considering an upgrade or know someone considering tech license, y’all show up and give it a try. At no cost, there’s really no reason not to sit for it and try. We’ll see you there.

If I missed something, please let me know and I’ll add it on. I hope everyone has a fantastic week and I hope to catch you on the air. 73, K5RFL.

LoCoARC Build Project Update

LoCoARC proposed kit build update.

Yesterday, Oct. 27, Bruce Hall W8BH, designer of the circuit board and
writer of the instructions announced some new enhancements to the kit.
These enhancements mainly relate to the software and to the addition of
a Users Guide which is a very good description of all of the features
available. If you are interested in learning / improving Morse Code I
suggest you download the User Guide to see the features and how they
might help you.

User Guide download:

Build Instructions download:

As mentioned earlier Jericho and I will show and demonstrate our working
units at the November LoCoARC meeting on Thursday, November 7, at the
LoCoARC clubhouse at 7:00 PM. We will be taking orders for the kit.
Some of the parts need to come from China so will some time to arrive.

Thanks and 73,

Walt AF5KQ

LoCoARC Build Project

At the November LoCoARC meeting a presentation is planned to provide
information about a club build in the near future. The planned device
(kit) is called a “Morse Code Tutor”. Two working units have been build
by K5ALA (Jericho) and AF5KQ (Walt). These will be available for
inspection and demonstration.

The attached picture shows the populated and working PC board. The
processor is a “Blue Pill” (STM32F103C)(shown just below the display) It
is a very versatile device. It addition to various ‘Receive’ and ‘Send’
practice modes, an optional SD card can be inserted with any practice
text you would like. The picture shows the beginning of “Alice in

Estimated cost of parts should be around $25. (Not including the SD
Card or the power supply, which can be a 9 volt battery or a 9 to 13.8
volt source.) An enclosure is up to the builder.

This link:
is to an email posted to
by Bruce Hall, K8BH. Bruce designed the printed circuit board and
wrote very excellent build instructions. Links to pictures and
additional info are provided in the above link.

If you are interested in building this kit we will need an accurate
count for parts ordering.

Thanks and 73, Walt AF5KQ

Thank you, Walt for sharing this. If you’ve ever thought of practicing your build skills, keep an eye on the Lowndes County ARC. They’ve done several project days recently and everyone that has attended enjoyed them.

Come to the meeting next Thursday, or comment below, if you want to take part in this and get a kit.