West Point Repeater

The 2 m repeater in West Point is back up and running and it does analog and fusion. It’s using the old frequency 147.18 with a plus offset and the tone in and out is 110.9. Thanks to all that help me get it up and running and let’s hope the coverage is good for being about 180ft in the air. It may need a new antenna to improve the range. The new DMR repeater is up and running but not connected to the internet yet, but is good for local use. Here is the 2m info from repeater book. https://www.repeaterbook.com/repeaters/details.php?state_id=28&ID=21578

Robert Calvert KD5FRY

Author: K5TCO

I received my Technician and General class licenses in October 2021 and Extra in December 2021. Now, I can start learning what all that is about. ;-)

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