In a Public Notice issued on 27 May 2022 (attached), the FCC announced that Legacy CORES will be retired on July 15, 2022 at 6 pm.

Once Legacy CORES is retired, users will be unable to make any changes to their FRNs in that system, including resetting their passwords.

Legacy CORES should not be used for creating new FRNs even though it will remain open through July 15, 2022. 

You should direct your applicants for a new license  to register in CORES2 and then apply for an FRN.

Legacy CORES users (including licensees who provided their SSN in lieu of applying for an FRN when they applied for their license) are encouraged to establish an FCC username account in the FCC User Registration System, and then to access CORES2 to associate their FRN(s) with their username. 

Other Commission systems will continue to allow access using the FRN and password established in the Legacy CORES. Users may also log in to these systems using an FRN and username password, established in CORES2. 

Over time, Commission systems that have not yet transitioned will be updated to require a username and password obtained through the FCC User Registration System and may redirect users to use CORES2 to associate their FRN(s) 

with a valid FCC username. Future system transitions will be handled at different timeframes through separate notifications. 

Payment and Payment-Related Transactions

Users that need to pay annual regulatory fees, view Red Light status details, pay Universal Licensing System (ULS) fees, and complete payments for all FCC filings and fees will be required to use a username and password 

with an FRN associated with a username in CORES2 to authorize these transactions according to the following timetable: 

In the image below, the Pay Fees link will transition to CORES2 Username and Password on 26 August 2022.

When you click on Pay Fees today, you are offered two payment options as shown in the image below.  

After 25 August 2022, when you click on Pay Fees you will be taken here:

New Repeater!

There’s a new repeater set up in Maben.

We have a new repeater at the Maben Fire Tower installed by the Magnolia ARC K5DY. The 2 meter frequency is 147.315+ with a tone of 110.9 and the 70cm frequency is 444.325 with a tone of 110.9

It’s located on the west side of Oktibbeha county off of the Maben Sturgis Road. The repeater appears to have good coverage.

February Newsletter

This is the Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club’s monthly news letter. The newsletter contains important dates, topics of interest, a link to scheduled testing dates for the year, a list of the members of the VE team, and a list of Net Controller assignments.

Be sure to check out the Ham’s Eating Chicken Web page where we are updating posts, dates of events and more. If you have any suggestions please use the Contact form.

At the LoCo ARC meeting for February:
Multiple festivals were mentioned and later place in the Events section of the HEC web page.
The Executive Committee’s nominations were announced for new club officers and no other nominations were made at this time.

Preliminary plans for participation in Parks on the Air were begun during this meeting. More planning is to come in the March meeting.

One person was tested on Feb 3, 2022 at the club house.

LoCoARC is leading the joint excercise for Field Day 2022 which is scheduled to be discussed during the March meeting.

See y’all at the meeting Tomorrow Night ūüôā

73 My Friends!

Important Dates:

March 3,’22 11am: Hams Eating Chicken at Tags Surf & Turf.
6pm: Testing session at the clubhouse.
7pm: Club Meeting – Elections for the new club officers will be held at the club meeting.
2,3 -APR-22 April Fools Hamfest, Corinth, MS
3-APR-22 , MS QSO Party
18-JUN-22 , Black Warrior Hamfest, Northport AL
28,29-JUN-22 2022 , Field Day at Mary Holmes College Gym

Links of interest:

JS8Call Grocery Supply Tracking

MagARC Awards Program

MS Nets


Winlink Wednesday