Project Corner



Welcome to Project Corner.  This is a new page for HEC where we want to share projects from our local hams.  Whether you just want to share your project or you’re looking for some input, or help, this is the place.  Show off that home brew project and inspire another ham.

If you have a project, send it to me at and I’ll get it posted here for you.  My hope is that this will help bring local hams together on various projects, since we have so many different passions, and talents, in our hams around here.  We’ve got some who love building antennas, some soldering pros, hams who are excellent at tracing interference, and more.  You’ll probably find that the tool(s) you need to get that next project done are available from another ham around here without you having to go buy one of your own.

Have fun and keep the projects coming.

73s, Caleb, K5RFL


uBitx project- K5RFL

I’ve posted this on HEC earlier, but here are the links to add it to the Project Corner page.


mBitx Update and First Bench Test

Project 1. (KF4KQS) US Signal Corps Collins R388

Project 2- Kenwood 940S re-cap Part 1- KF4KQS


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