January Newsletter

This is the Lowndes County Amateur Radio Club’s monthly news letter. The newsletter contains important dates, topics of interest, scheduled testing dates for the year, a list of the members of the VE team, and a list of Net Controller assignments.

This month we had one person to take the Technician Exam and become a new ham.

We had 4 Net Calls with a total of 55 check-ins during the month of January. Connie did a wonderful job of calling the Net all 4 times.

During the meeting on January 6th:
We voted two members in.

Discussed the Capital City Hamfest in Jackson, MS.

Doug mentioned the MagARC Awards and the ARRL Awards and QRZ Awards were also mentioned.

John suggested joining ARRL for the multitude of information that the ARRL offers.

On January 8, we gathered at the clubhouse and put PL-259 connecters on cables, worked on using Winlink and discussed multiple topics in 1 to 3 groups.

Important Dates:
3-Feb-22 7pm: Club Meeting – Nominations for new club officers will be taken.
3-Mar-22 7pm: Club Meeting – Elections for the new club officers will be held at the club meeting.

Topics of interest:

JS8Call Grocery supply tracking
Winlink Wednesday

If you come across any topics of interest please send them to K5TCO and I’ll see if I can get it in the next news letter.

73 to Y’all!

Testing Dates for the GTVET, times, and locations below.

Feb 036:00 pmLoCoARC
Feb 199:00 amMFJ
Mar 036:00 pmLoCoARC
Apr 076:00 pmLoCoARC
May 0510:00 amLoCoARC
May 289:00 amMFJ
Jun 0210:00 amLoCoARC
Jul 076:00 pmLoCoARC
Aug 046:00 pmLoCoARC
Aug 2710:00 amMFJ
Sep 016:00 pmLoCoARC
Oct 066:00 pmLoCoARC
Nov 036:00 pmLoCoARC
Nov 0910:00 amMFJ

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