W5YD meeting Friday, 24th

Dear club members and friends,
The next meeting of the W5YD club will be at noon on Friday Jan 24th. This is a week earlier than originally announced, in order to accommodate a schedule conflict. The location will be 120-B Morgan Avenue (door on the left).

Remember the open house on Saturday, Feb 1st at 9:30 am!
Members and non-members welcome. Hope to see you at both gatherings.

GTR Drone Safety Seminar

Jan 16th, GTR airport conducted its 3rd annual Drone Safety and Operations Seminar. This was well attended by local hams, drone operators, local industry, FAA, TSA, hobbyists, and the USAF. It was a very well done and attended.

If you are a drone (or RC aircraft) operator, make sure to put this on your list for the next offering.

From left: Wes “Dewy” Walsh ,CAFB :Madison Dixon, Raspet Flight Research Lab, MSU: Greg Stewart, General Manager, Aurora Flight Sciences: Tom Ford, KC5NMB: Mark Lacy, W5TXR: Sue Birkholz, KG5SEO: Mike Hainsey, A.A.E Executive Director, GTR Airport: John Buckley, K5DDT: Pat Birkholz: Rocky Kelly, KE5SEG: Albert McCray, Avoration Safety Inspector, FAA. Not pictured was Joey Jones, W5HNZ.

W5YD October Meeting

The club will hold its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, October 28th at 4pm in the club room in 433A Simrall Hall

Topics on the agenda to be discussed include: (1) updates and practical details of our move to the new club location on the second floor of 120 Morgan Avenue, (2) a “housewarming” event for the new location, in conjunction with other amateurs in the area, (3) a possible EME event on the weekend of November 16-17, (4) further discussion of dates for a centenary event on the drill field during the spring semester.

Members and interested non-members welcome! Hope to see you there.

Day in the Park

It was a good outing this morning at Waverly Landing. There was a little nip in the air, and I think most of us enjoyed that, along with the fellowship. It was certainly good to see everyone. I’m sure Caleb and others will have more photos and commentary.

This is a really good spot with plenty of trees, power, restrooms, grills, picnic tables and a nice pavilion too.

2019 Veteran’s Town Hall and Resource Fair

Thanks to our friend Sharon for the info:

Attached is a flyer of an event for military Veterans and their families at the Sportsplex in Starkville next Tuesday, October 8th. There will be over 60 vendors there to provide resources to our local Veterans. There will be door prizes ranging from restaurant gift cards to big screen t.v.s.  There will also be free flu shots, haircuts, manicures, pedicures and more. Let’s get our Veterans there!