Antenna Build

Thanks to K5DDT for the contribution:

Hello to everyone. This is a reminder to those who know and a heads up to those who don’t know. There is a gathering planned for this Saturday, March 20th at the clubhouse at 9:00 am for an antenna build. There will be a 2 meter antenna and a 40 meter dipole constructed.. If you want to build a different antenna or one of these for yourself, that will be fine also. Please get in touch with Rick Swiney WB5TZN @ 662-322-7784 or send him an email to confirm attendance. Hope to see you there.

You can find Rick’s email address on QRZ.

Winlink Info

News from K5DDT :

Some of you may not understand the following message. Not to worry. This is from Fred Gray, WB5BNV in Meridian to me. He is posting notice of a schedule when his station will be monitoring the Ardop PtP Mode for transmitting and receiving messages over Winlink. As stated in the message below, he will forward your message to someone else if you let it be known that is your desire. Having said that, the person you want it delivered too will have to log into Fred’s  Station P2P to retrieve any messages waiting for them. This is great practice and I would encourage everyone to get familiar with this method of passing traffic in case of a severe interruption of communication services.

Why? Emergency traffic is one of the primary reasons many people get into Ham Radio. In a severe emergency the airwaves could be so busy on single sideband that you could not make contact with hardly anyone due to pileups. These digital methods are designed to operate in poor band and noisy band conditions. 

Thanks to everyone for your time and hopefully you will learn and use this capability with your equipment and never have to use it for a real emergency situation.

************ Message ID: DJAXTNGOGECX
Date: 2021/02/06 23:32
From: WB5BNV
Source: WB5BNV
Downloaded-from: Peer-to-peer:WB5BNV
P2P: True
Subject: P2P BBS



ARDOP P2P is user friendly.
It has good message accounting which is necessary for emergency communications.
Using the RMS Log you can sort messages sent and received during
an event.
You can print any message.
You can send and receive messages “unattended”
Confidentiality is achieved for messages with sensitive content.(Good for Hospital use)


ARDOP P2P will not automatically forward a message.
The work around is to manually forward
messages received at your station which are destined for another
station. This will be satisfactory if you have a good conscientious
DBBS operator.
A reasonably fast computer with plenty of RAM is desired
(but may not be absolutely necessary).
ARDOP Will not download to a MAC or Linux computer.(QUESTION MARK)
P2P is strictly Point to Point. It is not suitable for net operation.

DMR Programming

Big thanks to John, K5FY for the contribution:

I ran across this browsing the web recently.  It may be worth the time, if you are like me and could use a bit of a refresher on DMR radio programming.  It covers the radios most of us have and looks to be informative.

—Taken from the web: This is a follow up class to the “Intro the the Maine DMR System” online class. This class will cover building a codeplug from start to finish, for most popular DMR radios (Motorola, TYT, Radioddity, Anytone, and more). This class will also cover Brandmeister and DMR-MARC (or any C-Bridge) systems. It will NOT cover installation of the CPS software or connection to your radio. You must already know how to download/upload a codeplug to your specific radio. Check YouTube for a tutorial on connecting to your radio to your PC. This class was developed by kb1zpp and sponsored by the SJVARA.

Sign up at

Advanced DMR Programming February 20, 2021 Lobby opens at 16:30 est Class starts at 17:00 est Held via, you will need an account which is free You will need a computer, PC or Mac. You won’t see anything on a smartphone. You will need to download the app from For a walkthrough to set up an account check out the April or November issues of the SJVARA newsletter at

Study Resources

I’m a big fan of the ARRL manuals and, but here are some other excellent resources for your learning journey. I have the Gordon West Extra manual, and have read some of it, so I can concur that they are very thorough.

Thanks to K5DDT for the contribution below:

Recently posted a study program available for preparation for the various amateur radio license classes. The first one was which has all three levels available. It has been used and gets great reviews here locally. Another source has come to our attention and we wanted to let you all know. There are many others out there and as we learn of additional standouts we will continue to let you know.

Tech study


Both of of these study sessions are based on and use the appropriate Gordon West prep manual available from ARRL. There are no guarantees made but one of our recent applicants had very high praise for these courses. He sat for both test and left with a big smile and very soon had a new call sign as a General Class operator.Best of luck and we hope to test you soon.

Testing Dates

Test Dates:
April 1, 2021
June 26, 2021
October 7, 2021
December 11, 2021 Advanced registration requested. Check with us for unscheduled sessions that may have been added.


Lowndes County ARC Clubhouse
265 Lawrence Drive
Columbus, MS 39702
Sponsored by the Golden Triangle VE Team
POC: John W. Buckley (K5DDT)
(662) 549-5099
POC: Doug Camp (K5BAK)
(662) 314-2345

Test Dates:

February 27, 2021
May 29, 2021
August 28, 2021
November 20, 2021
Advanced registration requested. Check with us for unscheduled sessions that may have been added


MFJ Enterprises
300 Industrial Park Road
Starkville, MS 39759
Sponsored by the Golden Triangle VE Team
POC: John W. Buckley (K5DDT)
(662) 549-5099
POC: Doug Camp (K5BAK)
(662) 341-2345